When looking into residential HVAC, there are many differences between space heaters and furnaces to consider, one being the cost. Cost is only one of the factors to consider when making this choice, but there are other factors that will also affect the cost of your energy bill. There are two different situations to look at how cost friendly it is based on how much of the house you want to have heated.

Having the whole house heated

If you choose to have your whole house heated then it would be more cost effective for you to choose to have a furnace. This is because it will only take the singular furnace to heat up the house, rather than having a space heater in each room of the house. It becomes more cost effective because having space heaters in each room will add up costs, making it more expensive and less effective to heat up your house. Another advantage to choosing a furnace is that when you have a furnace installation service by us, we provide a 5 year labor warranty so you don’t have to worry about extra costs for 5 years after the installation date.

Having specific rooms of the house heated

If you choose you don’t want your entire house heated, instead choosing to have specific rooms heated in the house, then a space heater is more cost effective. This is because you can have the entire house kept cooler which will save on the energy bill. Keeping the entire house warm if you don’t use some rooms in your house becomes less cost effective if you don’t have a furnace installation by 5 Star HVAC. We have affordable HVAC in Aurora and can help you figure out how to save money on your heating even with a furnace.

To learn more about the differences between a furnace and space heater, call 5 Star HVAC today!