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Furnace Types

Furnace types are important because they offer different benefits. Furnaces can be categorized in three ways– natural gas, oil, and electric. Furnace installation is always a good idea if you have an old furnace that needs replacement or repair.

Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are the most popular type of home heating system in North America. This is because it’s relatively inexpensive to operate when compared with other fuel sources like oil or electricity. The major downside to this type of furnace is that it requires more maintenance than other types of furnaces because there are many parts that wear out quickly when exposed to high temperatures day-in and day-out.

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces heat up much faster than natural gas units but they also cost more to operate. They also require more maintenance than natural gas furnaces, but not as much as electric furnaces.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are the most expensive type of furnace to operate and maintain, but they offer the best efficiency ratings of any type of furnace.

If your existing unit isn’t working properly for any reason at all, call 5 Star Quality HVAC to learn more about our affordable options! We’ll make sure you get the right furnace for your home’s heating system requirements.