Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Start Up – Aurora, CO

From sprinkler winterization to spring sprinkler activation, 5 Star Quality HVAC offers Aurora’s most affordable sprinkler maintenance for all seasons!

5 Star Quality HVAC goes the extra mile to make sure your sprinkler systems are properly maintained and ready for the change of seasons by offering sprinkler winterization and sprinkler activation services to our valued Aurora clients.

Need Sprinkler Services?

Sprinkler Blow Out | Sprinkler Winterization

When temperatures drop, sprinkler system maintenance is not often on the minds of Aurora-area residents. The reality is that the first freeze of the year can wreak havoc on your sprinkler systems. If there is any residual water left in your sprinklers, this can freeze and ruin your pipes. The sprinkler blowout team at 5 Star Quality HVAC can prevent costly sprinkler repairs by making sure there is absolutely ZERO chance for leftover water to ruin your sprinkler system.

A sprinkler blowout, also called sprinkler winterization, is vital for your Aurora property and should be done by experts with the proper sprinkler winterization equipment. We recommend getting sprinkler blow outs in the fall, because when you live in the Aurora area, you never know when that first freeze might hit!

How Does a Sprinkler Blowout Work?

  1. Our sprinkler winterization technician turns off all your water—inside and outside.
  2. We blow air through each zone of your sprinkler system, one at a time, using a high-volume air compressor.
  3. Our sprinkler blowout technicians look for any potential leaks or sprinkler problems that might need repair before winter hits.

We make preparing for the winter months easy and affordable with our Aurora sprinkler blowout services!

Sprinkler Start Up | Sprinkler Activation

When spring rolls around, you want to make sure you can keep your grass healthy and green. That means you need a fully-functioning sprinkler system. Sometimes it’s not as easy as simply turning a switch to get your sprinkler activated. In order to avoid damage, you need the sprinkler start up experts at 5 Star Quality HVAC.

It’s important to have professional sprinkler activation technicians perform a sprinkler start up because they can identify any potential sprinkler damage that has occurred over the winter months, and address it before the problem gets worse. Our spring sprinkler activation plan ensures that your sprinklers are safe and running at full capacity.

Sprinkler Start Up & Spring Sprinkler Activation Includes:

  • A thorough equipment check of sprinkler heads, operating pressure, valves, and filters.
  • Testing to make sure all sprinkler heads are spraying the proper zones efficiently.
  • Assurance that water conservation methods are in place to save on bills.

How a Sprinkler Start Up Works:

  1. The sprinkler start-up specialist turns on the main water supply.
  2. The sprinkler specialist examines the sprinkler system for potential winter damage.
  3. Our sprinkler start-up technician resets or adjusts the clock/timer.
  4. Our sprinkler technician inspects and adjusts all sprinkler heads.

While it may seem simple, getting a professional sprinkler activation service can save you majorly on costly sprinkler repairs, and even help prevent high utility bills!

Contact 5 Star Quality HVAC’s Aurora sprinkler blowout and sprinkler start up team today to receive “Quality sprinkler service at a fair price!” Ask about our additional sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, and sprinkler system replacement services in Aurora and beyond.