It is very easy to forget that your furnace needs inspection, but it is very useful to have your furnace checked out to make sure it’s running efficiently. A yearly check up on your furnace can help you prevent issues down the road. At 5 Star HVAC, we work hard to make sure that your furnace is working smoothly each year. Our professionals inspect your furnace, provide maintenance and prevent future failure. We can also perform furnace replacement if you need a new furnace entirely. A regular inspection and tune up can keep even a 10 year old furnace running like it is brand new. 

Why Choose 5 Star HVAC to Inspect Your Furnace?

When we come out each year to inspect your furnace, we make sure that it will stay running smoothly until our next inspection. The last thing you want to happen is have your furnace break during the middle of a cold winter. At 5 Star HVAC, we come out to do your furnace service inspection, and if we find issues we offer furnace installation, furnace repair and furnace replacement. Regardless of if you have a furnace from us, we offer you furnace inspections and heating inspection checks. If you do get a furnace installation from us, we offer a list of benefits included with the furnace. Our furnace maintenance technicians are trained to work on almost every type of furnace; boiler, heat pumps and water heaters. We have been proudly servicing Aurora and the Denver areas for over 25 years. We want to make sure that you are happy with your new appliances which is why we also offer a 5 year labor warranty on all heating, cooling and plumbing.

To learn more about a furnace inspection, call 5 Star HVAC today!