Indoor Air Quality Solutions – Aurora, CO​

5 Star Quality HVAC offers the best indoor air quality air solutions for your Aurora home or commercial property, but why is improving indoor air quality and hiring professional indoor air quality testing services so important?

Indoor Air Quality Statistics

  • The indoor air quality of many Aurora homes and commercial properties is often at least 5x worse than the outdoor air quality. 5 Star Quality HVAC offers the best indoor air quality solutions such as humidifiers, air purifiers, and electronic air cleaners to combat this issue.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has named poor indoor air quality as one of the top 5 leading environmental health hazards, contributing to millions of taxpayer dollars spent on medical care for airborne illnesses and deaths each year.
  • Poor indoor air quality is linked to a major increase in severe allergies and asthma in children over the last 10 years. The American Heart and Lung Associations have even linked poor indoor air quality to heart problems and lung cancer in non-smokers.
  • If indoor air quality monitoring is not done regularly, you run the risk of serious health concerns as well as fire hazards from combustible fumes such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide. 5 Star Quality HVAC can perform regular carbon monoxide testing and other indoor air quality testing to ensure your residents and property stay protected from toxic fumes.

Need Indoor Air Quality Testing Services?

Why is Indoor Air Quality Testing Important?

Monitoring indoor air quality and improving poor indoor air quality is imperative no matter where you live, however, Aurora residents can face unique challenges with drastic temperature changes, an excess of pollen and allergens in rural areas, and other additional factors that can affect both outdoor and indoor air quality. Considering 90% of our time is spent indoors, the existence of indoor air pollution can be even more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. The indoor air quality testing results our HVAC contractors have seen (which are consistent with stats across the US) are that 95% of homes and offices were found to have at least one major indoor air quality problem.

Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality for Your Aurora Home or Business

  • Fewer sick days due to less indoor air pollution
  • Increased productivity—fresh air and proper ventilation can help you feel alert, whereas stuffy offices or uncomfortable temperatures can affect sleep, concentration, and overall health.
  • Cleaner air = less time spent dusting and cleaning indoor surfaces
  • Humidifiers, air handlers, air purifiers, and other ventilation products help reduce odors, airborne allergens, pollen, and dust mites, as well as keeping moisture levels at the appropriate level, which can help reduce dry eyes and skin irritation, result in fewer headaches or nausea, and even preserve furniture and artwork.

See the industry-leading Indoor Air Quality Products we can install, replace, and repair in your Aurora home or office, and call 5 Star Quality HVAC for more indoor air quality solutions unique to your environment!