Ductless HVAC Installation– Aurora, CO​

5 Star Quality HVAC’s Aurora contractors specialize in ductless HVAC installation as an alternative heating and cooling solution to traditional central heating and air. Ductless A/C units and ductless heat pumps are great for both residential and commercial cooling and heating due to its high-energy efficiency, easy and quick installation, and cost-saving benefits. Our friendly Aurora HVAC contractors also offer affordable ductless HVAC repair services for multi-split and mini-split air conditioners as well as heat pumps to suit all your ductless heat and air needs.

Need Ductless HVAC Services?

What is Ductless Heating and Cooling?

How does a ductless cooling and heating system work? Ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps (also called mini-split systems, split-ductless systems, or multi-split systems) are small indoor units mounted on a wall or in a window, combined with an outdoor air compressor unit. The heated air is transferred between indoor and outdoor units that collect heated air and transfer it outside (to cool) or bring it inside (to heat.) The air is continuously oscillating, so you can avoid the inefficient and noisy sounds of furnace or central air systems cycling on and off. You can also use a remote control to set the desired temperature settings and even change settings to control temps differently at night or certain times of the day.

Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

–Flexibility: Ductless multi-split or mini-split HVAC systems can allow you to control the temperatures of individual zones or rooms in your Aurora home or business, unlike traditional heat pumps and central air, which only has one control setting for an entire building. You can easily control and customize ductless heat and air unit settings to create different temperatures for different areas in the home.

–Cost-Saving & Energy-Efficient: If you replace your central A/C with a ductless heating and cooling system, you can potentially save major bucks on your energy bills. Ductless HVAC installation gives the ability to control temps in individual rooms, which means you don’t need to waste energy on a room that receives little use. Ductless HVAC systems also run on less power than traditional central air conditioners and ducted heating and cooling systems. Ductless air conditioning cost can be less than traditional heating and cooling because ductless HVAC systems both heat AND cool a home, so you don’t need to install separate heating and cooling elements. There is also no need to worry about leaking air ducts with ductless split-systems!

–Ductless HVAC Installation is Easy & Stress-Free: Mini-split air conditioner units and ductless HVAC system installations are easy, less disruptive, and fast. Installing ductless split systems doesn’t require a lengthy, invasive renovation and multi-week installation process like a central air conditioning or ducted system does. Our efficient ductless heating and cooling teams can have you up and running in a day!

–Better Indoor Air Quality: With traditional HVAC systems, you must be diligent about air duct cleaning, or you will run the risk of high volumes of dust, bacteria, and allergens in your air. Ductless HVAC offers superior air filtration and eliminates the need for air duct maintenance.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Ductless cooling and heating systems follow Energy Star guidelines which are much more efficient than the energy standards set by the U. S. government. Our ductless HVAC systems use a refrigerant called R410A, which has zero damaging effects for the ozone. Due to the carbon-footprint reducing properties of ductless A/C and heat pumps, the government even offers certain tax credits and utility rebates for the year Aurora residents have ductless HVAC installation completed.

Ductless Heat and Air Units – The Best Heating and Cooling Solution for Your Aurora Residential or Commercial HVAC Needs!

Mini-split air conditioner units and ductless heat pumps are ideal for any Aurora home or commercial property, however, our ductless HVAC installation and replacement contractors often highly recommend ductless split systems for areas that don’t have much room for a large furnace or central air conditioner installation, such as new home additions or renovations. 5 Star Quality HVAC’s ductless cooling and heating service technicians can install mini-split or multi-split ductless air conditioning systems or ductless heat pumps that are discreet and much more efficient than a space heater or inefficient window unit. Our ductless heat and air units may not be large and imposing, but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to areas that are more difficult to heat and cool.

Ductless AC and Ductless Heat Pumps Work Best For:

New Construction / Room Additions / Renovations

Apartments / Condos

Office Buildings

Tough-to-heat or cool areas (IE basements, attic bedrooms, etc)

5 Star Quality HVAC’s ductless AC installation and HVAC repair teams can customize your ductless HVAC split-systems to meet the unique demands of your commercial business or Aurora household. Our ductless HVAC professionals are experts in helping you choose the best ductless air conditioning unit or most efficient ductless heat pump to maximize temperature control efficiency without spending unnecessary amounts on ductless HVAC installation cost.

The goal at 5 Star Quality HVAC is to put the needs of our valued Aurora clients first. Our ductless heating and cooling repair contractors won’t suggest anything you don’t need, and will try to perform ductless HVAC repair before suggesting replacement if at all possible.

Contact 5 Star Quality HVAC today for more information on whether a ductless cooling and heating system is the best heating and cooling solution for your Aurora home or commercial business!