HVAC installation and repair is an important part of owning a home and extremely vital to your household’s comfort and livelihood, especially in the cold Aurora winters. This is why you need to make sure your HVAC system has had a proper installation and is not in need of repair. Sometimes though, your unit may suddenly stop working or not work as well. It is important to contact a local Aurora HVAC contractor to make sure you have heating and cooling solutions. You need this for your home during the cold winters and hot summers.

Common HVAC Issues


Sometimes the filter on your furnace may be clogged or dirty to the point of affecting your system’s performance. Most furnaces have one of two types of filters: reusable and disposable. With a disposable filter, all you need to do is replace the current filter with a new one. For reusable filters you need to wash the filter by running water over it to cleanse the furnace byproducts. Filters are a relatively simple HVAC repair and can be performed by anyone.


Your HVAC system operates with many mechanical parts that affect the performance of the system as a whole. These parts may require replacement or repair as worn down mechanical parts may severely impact the performance of your HVAC system. These parts can include belts and bearings, which if not functioning properly, can lead to your system overheating, not heating enough, or airflow which can in turn, lead to a decrease in indoor air quality.


Problems with your thermostat will lead to a decrease in HVAC performance over time. Your thermostat is the brain of your system, and when it is not functioning properly, the overall system cannot hope to function. This is a system we at 5 Star Quality HVAC recommend that you hire an HVAC contractor for. Repairing your thermostat can not only increase the efficiency of your system, but save you dollars by lowering your energy bill.

Best HVAC Contractor and HVAC Repair Services

We at 5 Star Quality HVAC are dedicated to bringing you quality HVAC repair services and HVAC installation. If you are interested in purchasing a new system or repairing an old one, you want quality. Make sure you are hiring the best in the Aurora and Denver metro area. For any questions or for a quote, contact 5 Star Quality HVAC today!